Alex is one of the rarest piece @ the moment on KAKTUS-KAKTUS 

Let me explain why Alex is sooooo rare :

Alex is an Astrophytum asterias, a cactus specie from Mexico .

Sometime, nature makes wonder, and Alex is a true exemple . He could be full of white dots as ” super kabuto” Astrophytum are, but instead, he as been gift with lines … and you know what ? Like a super gift, Alex had chance to get symetricals lines, drawing on him some stars designs from the  top view .We call these Astrophytum V TYPES, and pricing is made by geometry ..the more almost perfect, the more expensive .. Enough words to let you think about the low chance by a cactus grower to get these from seeds …

This is truly F… rare !

Alex is growing on a trendy ceramic pot, made by hand by an amazing artist, unique exemple.

Alex and his pot are BFF, can not  be sold separately, sorry

(Alex has very small roots @ the moment, they will grow quick, not a problem for him,  he is thriving)

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